Up to the Visitor's Center

Elevator on top and outside of the Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam Theater

View of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam from the Arizona Side

Travel to the Hoover Dam by SUV or Jeep

Small Group Travel

Travel to the Hoover Dam in style and comfort aboard our custom Jeeps and Suburbans. Your talented guide will share points of interest and answer questions along the way. You'll truly appreciate the extra care and comfort you receive from our Jeep tours while traveling in a small group.

You'll encounter dramatic views of both the Colorado River as well as Lake Mead, the largest man made body of water in the Western Hemisphere.

Hoover Dam

At the Dam you will take the NEW Hoover Dam Power Plant Tour which includes access to the Visitor Center, lectured presentation by professional staff, 10 minute movie of the dam's original construction, access to the indoor and outdoor observation decks and a limited interior tour that takes you to view the generator room via one of the dam's elevators. (This is the only tour offered at Hoover Dam.)

Only $99.00 per person