Helicopter flying over the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon aerial view

Hoover Dam Air and Grand Canyon Ground

Like Three Tours in One

This tour combines three different tours - all for one great price! In flight there are views of the Las Vegas Valley, Black Canyon and extinct volcanoes. Then fly over the Hoover Dam. This man-made wonder cannot be appreciated until you see it from the air. You will be amazed at how this dam can hold back Lake Mead, the largest man-made lake in America. This deluxe flight is the maximum allowed by the FAA, NPS and the Hualapai Indian Tribe.

Land on the Canyon Floor

After entering the Grand Canyon area you will land on the actual floor of the Grand Canyon's west side. Since you are doing this tour from Las Vegas, it will be done in "Vegas Style." Champagne (or other beverage choices) and a light snack await you while close to the Colorado River on the canyon floor.

On the return flight there will be views of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip flight. Bring your camera or have a DVD made for you.


Weight must not exceed 275 pounds per person. Passengers exceeding this weight will be required to purchase a second seat. Please call us for more options.

Only $387.99 per person on the A-Star Helicopter and $407.99 per person on the Eco-Star Helicopter Upgrade (A fuel surcharge may apply and due to FAA guidelines small children must have their own seat.)

A-Star Tour price per person from Reserve
7:00 AM Limo Upgrade $387.99
8:00 AM Super Special $374.99
8:00 AM Limo Upgrade $387.99
9:45 AM Limo Upgrade $387.99
10:15 AM Super Special $374.99
10:45 AM Limo Upgrade $387.99
12:30 PM Super Special $374.99
12:30 PM Limo Upgrade $387.99
1:30 PM Limo Upgrade $387.99
2:45 PM Super Special $374.99
ECO Star Tour price per person from Reserve
7:00 AM Limo Upgrade $407.99
7:00 AM $484.99
8:00 AM Limo Upgrade $407.99
8:00 AM $484.99
9:00 AM $484.99
9:45 AM Limo Upgrade $407.99
10:00 AM $484.99
10:45 AM Limo Upgrade $407.99
11:00 AM $484.99
12:00 PM $484.99
12:30 PM Limo Upgrade $407.99
1:00 PM $484.99
1:30 PM Limo Upgrade $407.99
2:00 PM $484.99