Aerial view of the Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam Visitor's Center Entrance

Hoover Dam Memorial

Hoover Dam Exhibit

Short - Sweet - Complete

Modern Marvel Hoover Dam

Short on time or maybe you just want to go and get back. This mini tour is for you!

Your deluxe motor coach on the way to Hoover Dam will travel through Boulder City which will provide great views of Lake Mead.

Arriving at the dam you will have 2 full hours to explore this modern wonder. You will have access to the Visitor's Center, exhibit areas, museum and movie room.

The government guided tour is optional and can be purchased for $10.00. This tour takes you to the generator room via one of the dam's elevators. Tickets may be purchased at check in.

If you have a pacemaker and/or defibrillator implant you will be able to see everything at the Hoover Dam except the Generator Rooms at the bottom.

Free Wi-Fi is on our buses and VIP vans. This is a complimentary service provided for our customers use. As with all Wi-Fi in transit, it can be unpredictable with periods of no reception.

Only $44.99 per person (A fuel surcharge may apply)