Hoover Dam on the Colorado River side

The Hoover Dam

Viewing this magnificent, massive man made structure creates a respect for man's accomplishments. The strong desire to harness nature's power drove the human mind and body to build a dam in the hottest, driest area of the United States. People wanting to irrigate low lying plains, known as low desert areas, without suffering from flooding and the battle over water made it obvious to the United States government that the Colorado River was part of the solution. (Right photo shows explosions preparing for construction.)

Geologists and Hydrologists who surveyed to determine the best area to dam the mighty Colorado River waters initially determined that Boulder Canyon was going to be the site for the dam. The government pursued bids for the building project. This project was so demanding that one construction company would not be Crane lifting pipe while building the Hoover Damcapable enough to solely build the dam. Therefore, six of the largest United States construction companies worked together to acquire the bid. This sealed the deal and construction started in 1931 with the arrival of dam builders from all over the country. (Left photo shows the intake tunnel outlet.)

(Photo courtesy of United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation - Lower Colorado Region)