Biking up the trail to Hoover Dam

Going through railroad tunnels on the trail to the Hoover Dam

Railroad tunnels on the trail

Biking on the trail

Bike - Sightsee - Eat

This tour will have you bike a beginner friendly River Mountains bike trail that will take you leisurely downhill toward Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.

After some basic riding instruction, you will set off toward the trailhead and be immediately rewarded with spectacular views of Lake Mead. With short stops along the trail you may have the opportunity to see Bighorn Sheep. At resting points along the way there will be some time for explorations, photos, and questions about the area.

The bike path continues to meander toward Lake Mead where you can stop at the Lake Mead Visitor's Center for water and restroom break. Visit the wildlife exhibit and learn about local plants and animals of the Mohave desert.

Back on the trail you will come to railroad tunnel trailhead to embark on a historic journey. Ride your bike through five giant train tunnels, where trains transported concrete to the Hoover Dam 24 hours a day for two years. Take some time to explore the Hoover Dam with a stroll on top or take the tour into the depths of this engineering wonder.

After lunch, we will pack up the mountain bikes and gear before heading back to Las Vegas to finish off an unforgettable experience. This trip is rapidly becoming a customer favorite!

Only $169.00 per person (A fuel surcharge may apply)